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June 13, 2013


Democracy's hard, security and liberty require a balance. If you consider it's the executive, per legislation passed by Congress in 1978 and revised in 2008, seeking FISA courts' approval and the FISA courts' appear to be rubber stamps for those requests (11 denials of warrants out over 38,000 requests) - well, there you have all three branches of government complicit to the action. http://cincinnati.com/blogs/letters/2013/06/11/massie-seems-out-of-his-depth-on-nsa-issue/

Massie is proving himself to be the kind of guy who lets Ron Paul tell him what to think and say.

I like Ron Paul but when he called a Snowden a hero and then Massie rushed in and said almost the same thing, my jaw dropped and I felt like puking.

I regret supporting Massie now.

Yes you have been tested and proven yourself a strong advocate against constitutional abuses. I particularly liked your principled stand in your first amendment suit.

And I agree, we were very excited about our congressman but his rush to defend a clear traitor makes me wonder if he exercises good judgment or as you say is just a media junkie.

Mr. Carey I hadn't actually thought about all of these things in this way until you put them in perspective. You are absolutely spot on.

And until I read some of your earlier articles linked in this one I didn't realize how long you had been defending civil liberties.

Keep it up. You are a voice of reason in a hysterical world.

Well said!

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