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June 14, 2013


I think I love this picture. That's what I think.

We need to confront China's role in 9/11:

Senior Chinese diplomat visits Taliban chief in Afghanistan December 13, 2000 Islamabad Deutsche Presse-Agentur The Chinese ambassador in Pakistan, Lu
Shulin, held talks with the Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Mohammad Omar in Kandahar on Tuesday, raising the contacts between the two sides to a new high, the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) agency reported Wednesday... AIP said
China acquired U.S. cruise missile technology from the Taliban, which passed on the unexploded missiles from the U.S. attack in 1998 on suspected bin Laden camps in Afghanistan. The news agency said the Afghan people expect China to veto the U.S.-Russian resolution in the Security Council because it
also seeks an arms embargo exclusively against the Taliban, assuring continued supplies to its opponents who are supported by the anti-Taliban nations.

The First World Hacker War By CRAIG S. SMITH NY Times May 13, 2001 After last month's collision of an American spy plane and a Chinese jet, hackers in
the United States and China began defacing Web sites on both sides of the Pacific. Then Chinese hackers, led by a group called the Honkers Union, declared war.

Think I can affirmatively state "Told ya so" - but here's what I see as the issue (and one more thing so far beyond Massie's understanding): It's a law passed by congress used by the Executive and put before the FISA courts -- all three branches of gov't complicit in the mechanics of the action. Want to discuss constitutionality? Decades ago it was determined the USPS could record all the names and addresses on mail that passed through their hands; there's a great question as to expectation of privacy in phone numbers -- so many questions. BTW, I opposed the FISA revisions that made it even easier to get a warrant - something very suspect in a situation where there've been 38000 requests and only 11 denials. But that's up from what it was when the revisions passed congress in 2008 - then it was 4 denials.

I think Massie is showing his true stripes. He was financed by an anarchist wasn't he?

This guy is about as anti-government as they come. His brand of politics is nothing short of waging political mayhem.

Massie can't even think for himself much less be trusted to vote for us.

I always thought Massie was creepy. Crackpot fits too.

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