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March 15, 2013


Shot it if you got it as long as you don't accidentally go shooting with your firend who you didn't know was seen by a Psycologist 15 years ago. then, under the Anti-Arms Trafficing Act you will both go to jail for 15 years minimum. Contact who you think will help your case the most. As the Gov has shown that they won;t go after teh Criminals but they love to attack teh law abiding citizens!

The threat of gun laws has very little to do with supply constraints in the gun markets.

We all know that gun laws will not curb gun commerce. It will simply transition the transactions from the legal market to black markets. No big deal. We are all criminals already in much the same way the patron of a speak easy was during prohibition. Alcohol supply did not diminish during prohibition. It simply switched exchanges. People got creative and relied on local networks (which really isn't a bad thing). No taxes but that was counteracted by a "risk" surcharge.

The real culprit is the MIC, militarism, corporatism, and foreign policy.

That means that establishment Republican ideas are affecting the gun industry markets more than the Democrat ideas of gun regulation and control.

If you wish to be taken seriously, don't be a hypocrite, and be sincere about not being one.

God Bless.

And I can say 'told ya so' on every point in this post.

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