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January 31, 2013


Republican Party take over?

What are you talking about?

If the party doesn't like the Ron Paul crowd, then kick them out.

All leadership positions within the party are selected or elected by their own members or the party leadership.

and as a side note, The first modern day Tea Party event that kicked all this off was in Dec. 2007 and it was an event to raise money for Ron Paul's 2008 campaign.

You are chronologically and party procedure ignorant on this one.

You are clearly confused. There is no tea party membership. No one signed up for it. That is even more absurd than saying there is a leader! There are indeed leaders, even if they are not official leaders. Everyone from Joe the Plumber to Sarah Palin to Grover Norquist to Dick Armey to Glenn Beck to Ron Paul.

And if you think the tea party was co-opted by the Ron Paul movement, you truly have your blinders on. If anything it was co-opted by the same loser conservatives that can't even defeat the worst president in history. Ron Paul was at least as instrumental (and certainly earlier) than any single other unofficial tea party leader in the start of the movement. He held a Tea Party rally in 2007 in Boston on the anniversary of the first tea party. He used the leftover funds from his 2008 campaign to start Campaign for Liberty, easily the first tea party organization and one of the leading groups in the 2009 protests. Freedom Works (always adherents to Austrian economics as well as libertarianism), an organization founded in 2004 but rooted in the 1980s was also one of the first groups to organize tea party rallies. As was Americans for Tax Reform (another group originally in Paul's camp on the issue of taxes), founded in the 1980s.

That is not to say there weren't other, perhaps entirely independent groups involved, fairly early on. But to assert there is anything below board going on here is reaching and groping for one final dig against Ron Paul. And to assert that one group or person using his influence has any effect on a so-called membership is the height of stupidity.

Tea that has been sittin around a while is cold and bitter.

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