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January 14, 2013


Political Paralysis is the goal of the extremists of the Tea Party. The mainstream Republicans, the so - called 'sane' Republicans, must fix the Tea Party problem. Congress is to go about the nation's business and the 112th Congress more appropriately referenced to as the Consequence of the 2010 Election failed miserably in that mission. The list of failures is long - the Tea Party Downgrade of 2011 to the failure to pass a Farm Bill before or since expiration of the previous Farm Bill on 9/30/2012, the Fiscal Cliff mess -- epic fail. One can only hope the defeat of so many Tea Party congressmen in 2012 will improve the environment - but I have my doubts. In only a few short weeks we come upon another Debt Ceiling controversy. I anticipate more Tea Party Hostage Taking and unless there are courageous Republicans with a grasp of reality who will stand up to the extremists watch for more negative effects to the national and global economy.

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