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December 12, 2012


Agreed. Perhaps libertarian ability to "reason" has been hampered by all that pot or emotional anger toward God and/or parents.

The Libertarians you linked to belong to Libertarian Socialism, which is why they define themselves as Left-Libertarians. They have little to do with Libertarian Capitalists which is the school of thought supported by Ron Paul. They would define themselves as anti-capitalistic because they believe in a free market, workers would form co-ops and hierarchical/capitalistic businesses would go the way of the dinosaurs.

The fact that this is "young people" who favor Obama is key. Young people in general have poor voting habits. You have young Conservatives, Neo-Conservatives, Indies, etc.. who will be sympathetic to Obama to a certain degree as well.

Is this the party loyalty argument again?

I thought we put this to rest.

You advised everyone to either not vote for the Republican or to even maybe vote for the Democrat in the last election.

Isn't this a bit hypocritical?

If some Republicans viewed Romney in much the same manner that you viewed Massie, why are you getting on them about voting in a manner that you in fact endorsed?

God Bless.

If we're such big liberals, why are we pressuring the Republican Party to do things like refuse to implement ObamaCare Exchanges, nullify federal-run exchanges, and stop the President's signature legislation in its tracks?



Not to mention pushing Right to Work in Michigan, something the President strongly opposed.


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