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April 14, 2012


Well I am a long time reader here and I want o say I'm not a Ron Paul fan anymore due to many of the reasons you gave. Non-interventionism is simply unrealistic as a foreign policy. And I often get the feeling that Ron Paul and many of his supporters look at issues and say, "How can I present a Libertarian answer to this problem." Rather than, "What is the best solution to this problem?" I feel this attitude retards the Paul movement & Libertarianism as a whole.

And nor am I a Stormfront fan. Although I think cultural preservation is needed if any nation would survive. I would advise Marcus Carey to check out Jared Taylor of American Renaissance for more info.


Just gave $10 to Thomas Massie's campaign. He has my full support. Thanks for mentioning him!

And the brainwashing goes on and on. Ron Paul isn't attacked cos he's not part of the Republican bunch. He's attacked for his positions and views. His fiscal policy and fight against the FED are his only saving graces and that's not enough to vote for him.

His racist supporters, his own racist views and naive and idiotic foreign policies are the reason he's ridiculed and attacked non stop. And deservedly so.

I believe the facts speaks for themselves no one is parroting anything but the truth and I guess some of the loyal Paul fans just can't handle the truth . Here are some more of those irritating truths about Ron Paul, his voting record:

From Jan 1997 to Mar 2012, Paul missed 1334 of 10462 recorded or roll call votes, which is 13.0%. This is worse than the median of 2.4%. You can view the hero's chart on the link below (every three months this information is posted).
You can view this Here : http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/ronald_paul/400311
Then of course there is his wholesome appetite for earmarks and all that government spending he loves to say he don't want, but has his paw out for as much as he cant get . His district Galveston county received $14,707 per resident, topping average per capita federal spending in 46 of the 50 states in 2009. Paul the fiscal conservative earmarked some $60 million for projects in and around the city of Galveston as well in 2009. What a fiscal conservative that represents. Federal spending in Galveston County quadrupled to more than $4 billion in 2009 too .Of course while he was railing against FEMA, he was standing in line with his hand out after Katrina. When he dose vote, he votes "no" on votes that don't matter anyway because the pork is still coming because it was already "earmarked" and his excuse is , "it's the broken system of the government. I am just looking out for my constituents". That is very hypocritical. But still blind ignorant people sing his praises. Paul is about as far from being a Republican as Hu Jintao is from being the Pope! So , no I do not believe an endorsement from Paul would be of any help for anyone.

I'm not suggesting that Ron's endorsement of Rand was "a handful of magic beans". I am suggesting that Ron's endorsement was not the kiss of death that you make it out to be. It will be the same with Massie.

You're over here parroting the same ridiculous mainstream media smears against Ron Paul when most people who care to educate themselves know what the truth is. The scare tactics are not going to work.

If anything, Ron's endorsement is going to activate an entire army of liberty activists nationwide to donate to Tom like they never have before. Watch and see if I am right:)

[Marc's reply: Okay, you are getting closer to answering the question but your zeal in trying to defend Ron Paul is getting in the way. I'm not attacking him, I'm repeating what has been said about him for years. I can assure you that this is the commonly held opinion of him among a significant number of republicans. The reports are out there and all I am asking is whether the endorsement helps or hurts. You seem to think it will help by bringing in more money. So far it hasn't, according to the reports of what some candidates have raised to date. Is that all that it will do is bring in money, or will the endorsement be the kiss of death in this particular district? That was a fair question, and one I think you have only partially answered. Thanks for the comment.]

Marc I stopped being amazed at your insight a long time ago. I am now simply a strong supporter. Not another single candidate in this race can hold a candle to your understanding of the issues or your clarity of thought.

The others might have more money and be getting more attention, but you've got more to offer than the whole bunch.

I'll spread the word the best that I can.

The scare tactics aren't going to work.

Ron endorsed Rand, and Rand beat Trey. Periob. End of story.
When you look at the endorsement through this lens, there isn't the "Ron Paul bogeyman" anymore.

[Marc's reply: Rand beating Trey is not the end of the story, it was in fact only the beginning. He then went on and beat Jack Conway. A number of factors combined to bring about that result. But his father's endorsement was not the handful of magic beans you suggest. I agree that the public clamor for something different has not subsided, but I think it has matured. In addition, in 2010 Rand could highlight his dad's fiscal conservatism and let the other stuff remain in the shadows, but this year Ron Paul is on the ballot and his philosophy is front and center and his philosophy has had the light of day shined upon it. I would say that he looks more like a bogey man in 2012 than he did in 2010. IMHO. Thanks for the comment.]

Bullshit. Ron Paul is constantly attacked because he is not part of the Republican, Good-Old-Boy, Business-As-Usual bunch

[Marc's Reply: What if you are right and Ron Paul is constantly attacked because he is not part of the Republican bunch? That argument is merely a distraction. Do you dispute any of the other allegations made in the articles to which I cited? Thanks for the comment.]

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