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March 20, 2012


One last thing. The bible says the Antichrist will be loved my many at first and sometime during the term the AntiChrist gets slain and gets reborn as *The Image* which is given the ability to speak.

This is likely using holographic technology of some sorts since the various writers didn't know what the fuck they were looking at.

We seem to be down to the choice of either big business screwing us around or big government screwing us around in all areas.

When the timeline shift happens I am afraid we will enter the negative density where it's going to be one hell of a battle with the various alien fractions that seek control and power especially since Obama won again.

THIS time Obama will do whatever he feels necessary to stay in power no matter what the cost.

I am hoping the negative aliens will eventually wipe each other out during the times they cannot form an agreement with how to execute a move.

The aliens will appear to be our savior to implant the global economy when the SHTF.

The communist have even influenced our entertainment industry from video games to TV brainwashing people to accept multi culture at the expense of their own.

Video games and TV have both been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

We now have the ability to make video games either *easy as cake* for casual players or *Throw the joystick out the window* hard for hardcore gamers who want challenge but instead video games are mostly brainless FPS or face book style games with very little depth.

Why is this important? Because it's aimed to attract the mentally retarded and those who abuse drugs as they have lower soul vibrations that make them easier targets for mind control.

Certain images will force reactions out of people.

If you play a lot of Grand Theft Auto you will out of habit start behaving that way such as swearing the F word all the time even if you don't go out and shoot people.

No guns....

Holder said only a racist mentions race...

and so then, why did Obama/Sotero , mention he is s black man rather than to say he is an American??? Is Obama/Sotero here to promote class and colour separation of free Americans? I think so and I also belief he may not even be a legal American. Where are the court records which record his legsl name change from Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama? Where are his multiple passport records? John Brennan works for Obama .

America needs to wake up.

Van Johnson mentions teaparty people are going to "decimate" who?

Tea party people come in every colouration and creed or no creed at all..

What should free Americans of ANY colouration think???

You can always trust the Communists to be Communists !!

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