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April 06, 2010


It's my understanding that the lobbying firm in question has represented many firms over the years and that AIG was just one of those many firms. Further, the fundraiser for Trey Grayson was not on behalf of AIG but rather on behalf of a different firm. I have no idea what firm it was, but it wasn't AIG. If you're curious, why not investigate? Oh, what am I thinking? You're having too much fun talking about AIG, right? Never mind then.

Ill still vote for tray grayson. Hes my kinda guy

Lie with AIG dogs, get AIG fleas.

buh bye Grayson

I think its funny how people say they are true conservatives when the only thing they worry about is our "national security"

security from who? 'terrorists' who hate us because of our support for israel and our global dominance and raping of other nations? i can see why they are pissed.

you wanna talk national security? lets talk immigration reform bill and the national ID card that is in that bill.

the constitution does not guarantee our protection from harm, rather our liberty.

Trey is a former Democrat. He'll go along with any one, and give tax payer dollars to any one, that promises to support his political career.

Has anyone else noticed that when Trey's campaign posts a video on YouTube, they never enable the comments?

Because Rand Paul is too Kooky for America?

Anyone that supports greyson or dick cheney are a enemy of the state! these people are the people createing a world government to enslave us! I just hope when it all fails and the strong hand of big gov. comes they get all these sheeple before true patriots stop them!

Grayson is AIG's and McConnell's whipping boy.

Kentucky needs to senators not one.

That's a low-blow, james... Talk about desperation & resorting to lies. The Grayson camps recent display of unethical & unprofessional behavior is being noticed throughout the state. It didn't take much time to identify the supporters & operatives of the "neo-con" establishment, working in KY. McConnell, Cheney & company - will be the kiss of death for Trey Grayson's future political aspirations. If Trey was a decent guy 6 months ago - he's a dirty rotten scumbag today!!!

Seems that Grayson is owned by the powers-that-be.

James, it appears you only read this blog when Mr. Carey's views fit the consensus view in your head, because on many occasions I have seen him be very critical of Rand Paul.

It will be curious to watch team-establishment whine when Paul votes on principle against spending and big government.

Well, this may well go to where pater et fils are ALIKE rather than different -- auditing the federal reserve so banks and wall street can't get slush funded by devaluing the nation's currency, including that in your and my bank accounts and pay checks.

Knowing the father, and that no lobbyist need bother going to his office, the idea of having the son in the Senate would worry AIG, and those whose interests align with AIG and similar entities.

At least that would be my guess.

I want to be represented by someone who has walked in my shoes, not by a professional politician who is out of touch with Kentucky and America. Rand Paul fits my shoes.

My constant montra is that "I want to be represented by someone who has walked in my shoes, not by a professional politician" So therefore I will vote for Rand.

Concerned Democrat,

What year did TARP occur in? Oh, that's right, 2008, when they were represented by.... Trey Grayson's fundraising buddies!!! Yaaaaaay!!!

Now, that IS the truth, and that is why Mr. Grayson did not deny it at the debate last night, nor can he deny it. He can only hope to drive the focus of Kentuckians towards foreign fears in an attempt to bring them to his business as usual McConnell machine candidacy.

and with that, TJ wins the internet. Forever.

Concerned RINO is now changing his tune. I thought you said AIG wasn't bailed out in 2008 when these guys represented them. THEY WERE!

Cheney should never be taken at his word. He's been caught lying over and over again. Also, taking half sentences (at least play the whole sentence) to misrepresent a candidate is Trey's only hope.

Also, DC Navigators is backed by Cesar Conda. You know the guy behind Romney 2008 campaign (The guy who started RomneyCare).

DC Navigators is a lobbyist Big Government/Earmark/Bailout organization and that's what you get with Clinton Democrat Trey Grayson.

Again, why hasn't Trey said anything denying they represented AIG? Because it's true.

James, none of the unofficial groups you mentioned are leeching off the taxpayer the way your boyfriend Trey's friends at AIG are.

Yeah james and I'm sure Greyson's supporters are all choir boys and girl scouts. Give me a break.

Concerned Republican,

Bootlicking of the status quo is so...2006.

Hey Marc, are you going to highlight Rands "strange" relationships with Truthers, white supremacists, and Anti-Jewish supporters? Once again you show your BLATANT bias. You are losing all credibility.

Once again let's clearly look at the facts.

Dick Cheney and those associated with him have gotten involved in Grayson's campaign because of Dr. Paul's weakness on national security, not any underhanded reason. We're asked to take Dr. Paul at his word when it comes to GITMO, coal, drugs, abortion etc so you should take Dick Cheney at his word for why he's endorsed Grayson. It seems the Paul campaign wants it both ways - "accept what I say but I don't have to accept what you say."

Let's clear up again the point about AIG lobbying. Show me where this lobbying firm has had any connection with AIG since 2008 and I'll say you have a point. Until then you are simply spreading dis-information.

We need not forget Trey is Mitch McConnell's little yes boy and Mitch was one of the biggest supporter of the bank bailout and TARP!


Hopefully Rand Paul can dig up some more dirt on Grayson's ties for a followup ad.

Maybe because they don't own Rand Paul and they already own Greyson? Could just be a maybe. That Greyson is a scumbag if I've ever seen one. I swear I bought a lemon car from him years back.

This is exactly why there was no response from Grayson about the AIG ad; it's all true. I hope this will end Grayson's campaign.

My thoughts all along, Marcus. You are doing Kentucky and the whole US a great honor. Thanks

Why would they be so opposed to Rand Paul?

That's simple, Rand won't vote for corporate handouts like Trey will... Rand is the true conservative in the race and they know they won't be getting any of the taxpayer dollars from him.. Heck, if I worked for them I'd be against him too. His votes could put them out of business!!

Whatever the resulting exploration of these ties to government bailouts of select companies at the expense of the taxpayer may be, Grayson is tarnished, and Rand has found a new soft spot to strike him on. It's conceiveable that an even stronger attack could be made on Grayson here without being inaccurate.


Seems the big government RINOs are circling Mitch and Trey to keep the money train rolling.

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